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Are you selling your home?

Gerry Johnson can help! She is an expert in the local market and will guide you through the entire process of selling your property from listing to sale. As a real estate professional, it's Gerry's job to make the selling process as easy as possible for everyone involved.

To get the highest price possible, it is critical that home sellers get as much exposure to potential buyers as possible. This means, in addition to marketing your property to the public, it is important to market a home to other agents as well.

Furthermore, your home must stand out against the competition. Gerry can design a custom marketing plan to give you an edge on the competition and assure your property the maximum exposure. Gerry Johnson prides herself on personal service and will do what it takes to get your home noticed.

When selling a home you must consider the listing price. Price is one of the single most important aspects of getting a home sold. Gerry Johnson can properly analyze a home and discover its true market value. Using our data, she can provide home sellers with a Comparative Market Analysis. This in-depth analysis will answer the question, "Are there similar homes priced for less?" Armed with this information Gerry Johnson will be able to price your home at the highest price that will still make the home competitive on the open market.

Why choose Gerry Johnson?
As a real estate professional, she has access to resources which most sellers do not. Gerry's experience of having listed, marketed and sold many homes in the past remains a valuable resource for home sellers. As a local expert, Gerry knows what buyers in the area look for and can easily assess how a home measures up. Gerry works one on one with home sellers to sell homes for the highest price possible. She strives for excellence and respond to each of her clients needs with great care. Gerry Johnson understands that a client's satisfaction is the greatest testimony to her success. This is why she consistently provides sellers with top-notch service and RESULTS. We urge you to contact her office with your questions and to discuss your needs with her.

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Gerry Johnson
Gerry Johnson

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