Palm Springs, California Real Estate and Community Information

Background Information About the Palm Springs Area

Palm Springs HomePalm Springs is a California resort city that is located about 45 miles east of Mount San Jacinto in the Coachella Valley. This beautiful location offers access to many resorts, vineyards and golf courses that are located near the Morongo Indian Reservation. This location also offers access to several regional transportation hubs including Interstate 10, California State Route 62 and California State Route 111.

The history of our area's real estate market can be traced back to at least 2,000 years ago when a group of Cahuilla Indians known as the Agua Caliente People settled near our area's downtown district in Indian Canyons. These peaceful hunters and gathers established thriving villages that overlooked one of North America's largest palm tree groves.

A group of Spanish explorers led by Juan Bautista de Anza encountered these villages in the 1770s. Many of these explorers' descendants lived near these villages in the 1850s when the first American settlers arrived in our community.

Several of these settlers discovered several naturally occurring mineral springs that spurred the development of a tourism industry that still plays an important role in our community's economy. Other settlers established thriving farms during the late 19th century that made our area one of California's largest farming communities until World War II.

Modern interest in our community's real estate was established in the early 1930s after several Hollywood stars including Bob Hope and Marlene Dietrich discovered our warm climate and peaceful surroundings. This interest was magnified in the middle of the 20th century after many World War II veterans discovered our area's relaxing atmosphere.

Our community is now a desert oasis that offers homebuyers a relaxing lifestyle, beautiful scenery, many outdoor recreation opportunities and close-knit neighborhoods. These benefits continue to attract new residents from around the world who value time away from the stresses of daily life.

Information About the Palm Springs Residential Realty Market

Most of our residential homes for sale were constructed during the last 70 years. Most of these properties are single-family units that feature flexible floor plans, large lots and lovely views of the San Bernardino Mountains. Most of these properties are also located in peaceful neighborhoods that are located in a vibrant downtown area, the Uptown Design District, the Backstreet Art District and other desirable locations.

Other homes for sale in our area include vintage houses that were constructed during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Many of these houses feature beautiful Victorian, Edwardian and Craftsman-style architectural elements that offer a fascinating way to learn about our community's architectural history.

Post Offices and Supermarkets

Our area is home to 17 post offices and over 40 supermarkets. Most of these establishments are located near major transportation hubs including East Palm Canyon Drive, Sunrise Way, Indian Avenue and Yucca Lane.

Nearby Schools and Universities

We are convenient located near several high-quality schools and universities. Some of these schools and universities include:

  • The Palm Springs Unified School District’s schools.
  • College of the Desert Community College.
  • Santa Barbara Business College.
  • Mayfield College.

Parks and Recreation

HikingPalm Springs is home to several recreational facilities that offer access to many fun outdoor recreational activities. Your starting point for accessing these facilities is our community's parks and recreation department. It operates more than 15 recreational facilities including a modern golf resort, a community center, a modern aquatic park, five urban bike trails eight parks. Most of these facilities offers access to picnic areas, playgrounds and athletic fields that offer families a fun way to spend time together.

Our community's recreation division also offers more than 60 recreational activities that are open to all residents. Some of our clients' favorite activities include tennis classes, fitness classes, swimming classes, martial arts courses and youth sports classes. For more information about these activities, please call 760-323-8272.

Other nearby recreational facilities are located inside San Bernardino National Forest and Joshua Tree National Park. Some of these facilities include campgrounds, hiking trails, rockclimbing areas, fishing spots and hunting areas.

Nearby Attractions

Our community is conveniently located near several Riverside County attractions. Some of our clients' favorite attractions include Palm Canyon Theater, Tahquitz Canyon, Lake Cahuilla and the Oasis Date Gardens.

Special Events

WineOur community hosts many fun events that make living in Palm Springs worthwhile. Some of our residents' favorite special events include an exciting village fest, a fun food and wine festival and an interesting arts and crafts fair. For more information about other events that take place in our community, homebuyers who are interested in contacting Gerry Johnson can visit this online event calendar maintained by the Palm Springs Visitors Center.

Gerry Johnson
Gerry Johnson