Desert Hot Springs, California Real Estate and Community Information

Luxury HomeKnown for its natural springs, upscale living and sunny weather Desert Hot Springs makes for a perfect place to live either year round or seasonally. The city has grown in recent decades, giving it a population of nearly 30,000 while the total number of residents during the 1970s was just 2,700. If you would like to learn more about properties in this gorgeous and highly-desirable community, contact Gerry Johnson to learn more.

The city of Desert Hot Springs, sometimes abbreviated to DHS, sits like a jewel in the midst of the Coachella Valley in Riverside County. This location gives the community an enviable climate. In fact, the weather is much of what makes snowbirds flock here each winter. In the cooler months, high temperatures are generally between 68 and 81 °F with lows of about 50 to 65 °F. Temperatures soar in the summer with average highs in excess of 107 °F. With average precipitation of fewer than six inches on an annual basis this city is a great choice for anyone wanting to escape wet weather.

Although it is a relatively new city, Desert Hot Springs has managed its growth well. The earliest European settler arrived to stake his claim in 1908. That first settler, Jack Riley, was shortly joined by homesteaders Hilda Gray and Ethyl Rouse with well-known early resident Cabot Yerxa arriving by 1913. Local lore suggests that it was Yerxa who discovered the area's natural hot springs.

Actually, the area boasts both hot and cold springs. The San Andreas Fault runs through the community, creating hot springs on one side while the springs on the other side are cold. An aquifer deep below the region provides the pure, natural, odorless water that the area has long since become famous for.

L.W. Coffee, another relatively early arrival, began designing the city's streets in the 1930s. Knowing that the natural hot springs were bound to draw tourists, Coffee also built the city's first bathhouse. The business opened in 1941. Although the city only had about 100 residents, estimates suggest that more than 2,000 visitors patronized the bathhouse.

SpaCoffee's establishment was just the first of many to take advantage of the city's natural attractions. Tourists began flocking here from all over the world to stay at the luxurious hotels and spas. However, it wasn't just visitors who came here. Eventually, thousands of people would decide to remain here, leading to incorporation in 1963 and nearly continuous growth ever since.

To improve the quality of life for today's residents, the city offers many parks and recreation facilities. Popular green spaces include Hot Springs Park, Wardman Park and Mission Springs Park. Public pools are found at the John H. Furbee Aquatics Center and at Wardman Park. The Aquatics Center is found in the Health and Wellness Center, which also includes a cardio-fitness gym, wellness studios designed for classes and seminars and the local chapter of the Boys and Girls Club.

People who choose real estate in Desert Hot Springs will find that there are plenty of wonderful things to do here. One of the most popular is visiting Cabot's Pueblo Museum. Recognized as a local landmark for many years, the museum is housed in the structure built by Cabot Yerxa who was one of the area's earliest European settlers. He built the structure by hand, taking his architecture inspiration from the Hopi Indians. Today, the museum offers fascinating tours and exhibits as well as frequently hosting special events.

Of course, people who live here also indulge in the area's many spas. The numerous, luxurious spas make it easy for locals to take advantage of the natural hot springs in elegant style. It's possible to choose a package deal complete with soothing or rejuvenating treatments in addition to enjoying the waters. No wonder people who buy homes in this community feel like they've discovered the Fountain of Youth.

GolfThe area is also particularly well known for its exceptional golfing facilities. Sites like Desert Dunes Golf Club and the Mission Lakes Country Club are more than just spectacular courses. They are also places for friends to gather and where special events are held. Even more outdoor recreation is found just outside the city. The San Bernardino National Forest and the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve are just a short drive away. Similarly, Joshua Tree National Park is located nearby, offering countless miles of trails for exploration.

The community has no shortage of wonderful places to dine, shop and play. In every neighborhood you're certain to find unusual boutiques and irresistible dining experiences. That's why it's no secret that so many people are excited about calling Desert Hot Springs home. Contact Gerry Johnson, an expert local Realtor, to learn more about finding a second home or primary residence in this beautiful community.

Gerry Johnson
Gerry Johnson